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Sandhya has already helped thousands of women to achieve their life goals. Sandhya has 101 branches. Sandhya has a work force of 400 plus employees spreading in Head Office and various branches. With an aim of spreading across all over India we have designed a unique Direct Selling System named VICIB HOMELY.

We have introduced wide range of products that are produced at our own manufacturing units. Along with our own products we market best quality products from other manufactures too. The aim of VICIB HOMELY is to ensure good quality products to the society at a reasonable price and a source of income through Direct Selling.

VICIB Homely creates a platform for people to attain their financial goals.Those who are willing to work smart has a great opportunity to attain their financial freedom. A person has the opportunity to earn money both through the sales of the products and through referring others to the direct selling system.


"A society where individuals and communi-ties identify their worth and potentialities and jointly work towards social, economic and political empowerment"


"Socio-economic uplifts of women, small farmers and agricultural labourers through Community Based Organisations and enhance opportunities for employment, income genera-tion, education and social status in a secular and democratic way"


"Helping people to help themselves"


  • To promote the formation and strengthening of community based organizations as a social movement against exploitation
  • To promote collectivism and voluntarism among target groups through sharing of knowledge, resources and skills
  • To organize participatory learning awareness programmes and development trainings
  • To improve the standard of living of the people who associate with our Direct Selling business.
  • To make each family an indipendent business owner and enjoy financial free-dom


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Cheif Mentor
  • Chief Financial Officier
  • Chief Programme Co-ordinator
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Corporate Trainer


Sandhya give due importance to render financial and personal growth for their business promoters. Leadership training and personality development programmes are conducted in a regular basis. Our skill training programmes make ordinary people extra ordinary. Soft skill development is the basic level of the programme. Thousands of people have acquired leadership and vocational skills through this programme.

Medical Camps

Sandhya organizes Medical camps and Eye check-up camp at regular intervals in association with many organizations like St. Alphonsa college, pala and JCI-Kollappally etc..

Ambulance services

The Sandhya ambulance service extends its support in emergencies to the needy people at moderate rates.

Sandhya production

We have several own manufacturing facili-ties, where products like curry powder, wheat powder, rice powder, soap, herbal products, kitchen and agricultural utensils etc. are produced. All our products are superior in quality and the production pro-cess is done in an extremely hygenic con-dition. As part of the women-empowerment programme, most of the works are done by lady workers.